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Healthcare Leadership, John Griffith and Much More…

20 March, 2009 Posted by John G. Self
ANN ARBOR, Michigan (March 19, 2009) – One of the great parts of my job is speaking to healthcare executives, early careerists and graduate management students across the country. For me, the real value is the opportunity to spend time with some very bright people like Dr. Christy Harris Lemak and discuss how we can improve our leadership and the performance of the organizations that we lead. Today I spoke to a lar Read more»

Somewhere in Tupelo, Mississippi…

18 March, 2009 Posted by John G. Self
ANN ARBOR, Michigan (March 18, 2009) I am at the University of Michigan to speak to graduate students in the nation's top ranked healthcare graduate management program. My host is outstanding teacher and friend, Dr. Christy Harris Lemak. Over dinner we exchanged stories about our beloved industry,the leaders who have contributed so much, and some of the funny stories that we have encountered through our very disparat Read more»

Mistake Leads To A Makeover

16 March, 2009 Posted by John G. Self
DALLAS, Texas (March 16, 2009) -- On the eve of St. Patrick's Day, when all the amateur drinkers dash to the bars to honor the patron saint of hangovers, I thought it was a good time to unveil the new look for HealthCare Voice. It was time for a change, especially when you consider that on Sunday morning, with coffee in hand, I hit a button and inadvertently erased months of accumulated formatting and additions of ne Read more»