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Mistake Leads To A Makeover

16 March, 2009 Posted by John G. Self
DALLAS, Texas (March 16, 2009) -- On the eve of St. Patrick's Day, when all the amateur drinkers dash to the bars to honor the patron saint of hangovers, I thought it was a good time to unveil the new look for HealthCare Voice. It was time for a change, especially when you consider that on Sunday morning, with coffee in hand, I hit a button and inadvertently erased months of accumulated formatting and additions of ne Read more»

On Reference Checks, Background Investigations and Telling the Truth

8 February, 2009 Posted by John G. Self
References, Credential Verification, Background Investigations. These are important issues for candidates entering the job market. Managing this part of your job search is critical to your success. Before discussing the guidelines for these issues, it is important to establish some context concerning the job search process. Read more»

Your Resume, Your Brand

1 February, 2009 Posted by John G. Self
Since the resume is so important, and given the vast amount of misinformation floating on the Internet and through so-called resume doctor consultants, I have decided that over the next several blog posts to offer my perspective on the resume – that of a partner in an executive search firm Read more»