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John is an executive recruiter & speaker sharing his thoughts on healthcare, recruiting, digital technology, career management & leadership. 

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Career Management

Making Hard Decisions

20 May, 2010 Posted by John G. Self
"I can make the hard decisions." So many candidates make that claim in this hyper-competitive job market. Yet once employed and comfortable in the corner office, far too many of these leaders base their decisions on the defensive posture that is more about how to keep the job versus how to be successful in doing the job. Read more»

It Is Time To Dump The Transactional Recruiting Model

17 May, 2010 Posted by John G. Self
We face three challenges in the healthcare talent management equation: 1. A series of changes related to healthcare reform 2. Waves of new balanced budget act-styled cuts in reimbursement that will test the ability of hospitals and physician practices to survive 3. An outdated recruiting process model that is not up to the task to find the quality of leaders necessary to successfully confront these changes Read more»

Hospital CEO Turnover Costs Company Millions in Profits

11 April, 2010 Posted by John G. Self
One large investor-owned hospital management company has such a high annual rate of turnover at the local hospital level that it costs their investors more than $20 million a year in profit potential using even the most conservative calculations. With thinner margins, bad practices that result in higher costs must be changed. Read more»