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John is an executive recruiter & speaker sharing his thoughts on healthcare, recruiting, digital technology, career management & leadership. 

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Career Management

Consumerism and Its Impact On Your Job

14 June, 2018 Posted by John G. Self
Consumerism.   This is another hot topic that seems to be sweeping the healthcare industry.   Healthcare executives are beginning to talk about the concept but not everyone is completely comfortable in terms of defining what this really means or how it will impact the way we market and operate our businesses. This actually reminds […] Read more»

Failure Is Common When Starting A Business

13 June, 2018 Posted by John G. Self
We have all had a failure or two in life —  those that were serious and many that, in hindsight seem less so — we botched a critically important test, we were turned down by the person of our dreams for a date to the high school prom, or we did not get what we […] Read more»

The Black Abyss, aka Automatic Tracking Systems, Eats Poorly Formatted Resumes for Lunch

12 June, 2018 Posted by John G. Self
“I submitted my resume and I heard nothing.  It was like I submitted it to the dark abyss” This is not the first time I have heard this, nor is it the first time I have written on this subject but it continues to be an issue for candidates, and a matter of great frustration. […] Read more»