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Career Management

Key to Success In New Normal

3 March, 2021 Posted by John G. Self
With their established trappings of success, traditional business models, once thought to be sacrosanct, are being turned on their ear. Read more»

Using Applicant Tracking Systems to Your Advantage

2 March, 2021 Posted by John G. Self
For online submissions, assume ATS will be in play. So, submit a plain text resume. It is safer. Besides ATS Scanners do not care. Load it up with the appropriate keywords and phrases relevant to the specific job. If you are selected for consideration, offer to send the formatted version. Read more»

Reference Are Vital, Often Overlooked Job Search Resource

26 February, 2021 Posted by John G. Self
anagers see the references as part of the end game, a close-the-deal element of their job search. That can be a huge mistake. Read more»