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What Will the Healthcare Rebound Look Like?

20 May, 2020 Posted by John G. Self
Executives, managers and line employees who were laid off should begin to update their job interviewing skills NOW if they want to be competitive in a crowded field of people looking for work. Read more»

Are You Invisible to Recruiters?

19 May, 2020 Posted by John G. Self
If you are not visible, you are probably invisible to recruiters. The new rules of job search no longer apply. Read more»

YOUR RESUME, INTERVIEW: How to Make an Impact

21 April, 2020 Posted by John G. Self
Before and after. Photographs comparing before and after home remodeling projects or scenes of beautiful landscapes and communities destroyed by flood or fire and how they are reclaimed and rebuilt, create startling, striking images.  They are memorable. The use of before and after performance comparisons on your resume and in job interviews also provide powerful […] Read more»