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It’s What You Know For Sure That Ain’t So That Hamstrings Your Job Search

20 November, 2019 Posted by Admin
“I wish I had come to you a lot earlier in my search. You really helped me.” While that was nice of him to say, he deserves all the credit. He was the star of the process. When we identified what he needed to change to succeed, he zealously focused on mastering the new rules for finding a new job. He was disciplined and worked hard. It paid off. Read more»

My Job Is Not Going to Change! Think Again! Career Management Is Becoming Like Musical Chairs

19 November, 2019 Posted by Admin
I am now also getting a different kind of telephone call. From executives who are not in a panic mode but who are no less determined to seek advice. They see major changes occurring and they want to break free of the mold of job comfort they see as holding them back. They know they need to grow to survive. Read more»

Great Interviews, Like Great Speeches, Take Practice.

18 November, 2019 Posted by Admin
Interviewing for a job is one of the more unusual forms of communicating. I like to describe it as an extemporaneous speech contest with 75 questions. You are never what will be next question will be but you had better. Read more»