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Six Steps to Improve the Effectiveness of Your LinkedIn Profile

19 March, 2020 Posted by John G. Self
Think of it this way: billboards are largely one-dimensional roadside posters, but a good LinkedIn profile with interesting content that emphasizes your experience and highlights your successes, along with a professionally produced introductory video can be affectively engaging and work for you 24/7. Read more»

Everyone, and I mean everyone, has a story to tell…

8 January, 2020 Posted by Admin
For many, a story, well-delivered, could have made the difference between success or failure in their job interview. Read more»

Your Professional Network: Purpose, Size and Making It Work for You

18 June, 2019 Posted by John G. Self
A recently laid off executive had her first meeting with a career transition advisor.  When they finally got around to talking about the size of her professional network, the conversation went something like us: Q. What is your underlying philosophy for professional networking? A.  What do you mean? Q.  How many LinkedIn contacts do you […] Read more»