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5 Keys for a Successful Job Search

Posted October 13th, 2021 | Author: John G. Self

So, you have lost your job.  Do not panic.  That will only prolong your job search. If you have not looked for a job in the last three to five years, stop, take the time to learn the new rules — from employer use of technology to applicant screening techniques.  Here are the five keys to help you conduct a successful job search

  1. The employment numbers notwithstanding, the competition for good jobs is fierce. Networking is essential. Most jobs aren’t posted.
  2. You must understand your value and be prepared to communicate that effectively
  3. You cannot use the same resume for every job post.  Applicant tracking systems will eliminate your resume if it does not score well with specific keywords and phrases for that job.
  4. You must master the art of video interviews. They are here to stay.
  5. You must be prepared and focused for all of your interviews. Networking gets you to the table; the interview wins the job.

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