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13 February, 2021 Posted by John G. Self Posted in Career Management, Career Transition/Outplacement, CEOofYou, Digital Brand
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LinkedIn Now THE Word-of-Mouth Networking Grapevine

Posted February 13th, 2021 | Author: John G. Self

Today we conclude our series on Word-of-Mouth career promotion.

In 2002, a new social medial platform entered the market that has dramatically changed the word-of-mouth career networking paradigm. 

Today LinkedIn has more than 740 million members worldwide. With 170 million users in the US, we are, by far, the largest nation-user.

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The good news is that Linked had democratized career and brand management.   If you are not an informed user, the bad news is that if you are invisible on LinkedIn, you are out of sight, out of mind with many corporate recruiters and search firm researchers. Over the years, it has also tamped down traditional word-of-mouth grapevines.

LinkedIn is not a job source.  It is merely a tool to help you build your brand, to create digital word-of-mouth networks that, in turn, can help you find your next better job. 

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