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16 November, 2020 Posted by John G. Self Posted in Age Discrimination, Career Building, Career Transition/Outplacement, Interviewing Skills
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Age Discrimination Is Alive, Well in Talent Acquisition

Posted November 16th, 2020 | Author: John G. Self

We have yet to fully comprehend the impact the Covid-19 virus has had on our country. Yes, we know that the virus is surging. We know about the incredible suffering and the horrific death toll. We have witnessed the havoc that shutdowns and layoffs have had on our economy. We see the struggles that millions of Americans, especially older workers, are experiencing to find a replacement job.

And sadly, we are hearing an increasing number of reports from older workers who say that even if they do successfully navigate the electronic resume screening systems, they are eliminated once their resume finds its way to a recruiter’s desk. Age discrimination, always a threat to talent acquisition integrity, is alive and an active factor in the selection process. It is and always has been a dirty little secret in the recruiting industry hiring process.

Here are three steps you can take to thwart those who discriminate — knowingly or not.

Bypass online portals by using strategic networking. Target companies you would like to work for. Look for connections who will make an introduction to the hiring decisionmaker

Customize your resume for every job to which you apply. Make it clear, from the Professional Summary at the top of the document to your listing of quantifiable accomplishments, that you have the experience and record of accomplishment to be successful.

Strengthen your interviewing skills. This is the biggest weakness for many applicants. Capture the recruiter or employer’s attention with the first 150 words you utter.

Do not get mad. Get even. Nullify discrimination with strategic networking, exceptional resume submission, and a killer interview.

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