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OUTPLACEMENT: Robert’s Struggle to Land His Next Job [PODCAST]

Posted July 5th, 2016 | Author: John G. Self

Here is the rundown for Tuesday’s podcast. You can listen on the podcast player below, subscribe in iTunes, or Listen at Liberation Syndication, our podcast partner.

  1.  We tell the story of Robert, a hospital CEO with a long and solid record of accomplishment who finds himself struggling mightily to land his next assignment.   When his last job was eliminated in a corporate consolidation Robert did not think he needed outplacement coaching so, he plunged into his job search relying on all of his experience from prior interviews.  And then he encountered a tidal wave of market realities that he does not seem to understand.  What worked in the past often does not have traction today.  He was confused and frustrated and he doubled down.
  2. John shares information on the Firm’s outplacement and career coaching service. Losing your job, especially in this current climate, can be an epic crisis.  There are many options in the market place but the JGS+P approach is unique and successful. We have your back.

Expanded Transition, Executive Coaching Services

The healthcare industry is changing, and so is JohnGSelf + Partners.  We are adding additional executive coaching and organizational development services to our portfolio of talent management solutions. 

We also offer strategic advisory services concerning “cultural fit” for potential mergers. The merger mania experience of the 1990s reminds us that when a merger goes off the rails, it is usually because of cultural differences and lack of alignment.  With a team experienced in strategic and cultural assessments, we can help you avoid costly and disruptive people and strategy challenges.

For more information, contact Laura Merker, Dr.PH, Managing Director in New York or John G. Self, Managing Partner, in Dallas.  


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