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4 June, 2016 Posted by John G. Self Posted in Career Management, Current Affairs, Executive Leadership, Leadership
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Recruiting: Things That Will Get You Eliminated; Brooks Shares Surprising Secret to Leadership Success

Posted June 4th, 2016 | Author: John G. Self

It’s Saturday.  John has a steaming cup of Community Coffee and the morning papers as well as notes on interesting ideas from the past week so settle in for interesting information and insight that will help you manage your career.

Brooks.DavidToday he shares some interesting reasons candidates are eliminated from searches that a New York colleague provided.  Then he is going to pass along some reasons why he will automatically eliminate candidates.

Finally, John shares some thoughts from David Brooks, New York Times columnist, author and a member of the Yale faculty where he teaches a course on leadership.  

Mr. Brooks shared an interesting piece of research on why certain people achieve promotions and become great leaders, and other wallow in the ditches. The answer may surprise you. It was part of a fascinating hour-long interview with Charlie Rose.

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