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Leadership, Commencement & Two Great Stories [PODCAST]

Posted June 18th, 2016 | Author: John G. Self

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Hello. Welcome to our podcast for this Father’s Day weekend, 2016.

Today in SelfPerspective, John interviews John Graves, CEO of Lillian Hudspeth Memorial Hospital in rural Sonora, Texas.  Mr. Graves describes his leadership values and the important role his Air Force experience has played in his success as a CEO.

Next up, John shares excerpts from several college commencement addresses that captured his interest.

We end the podcast with a return to one of John’s favorite subjects — the power of storytelling to communicate important values and ideas.

COMING MONDAY:  Strategic Physician Recruiting:  Planning for  a Successful Future. 

JohnGSelf + Partners has developed a physician recruitment approach to help CEOs in rural and community hospitals as well as larger regional centers ensure they have a best-in-class medical staff to ensure long-term community/patient loyalty.

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