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SPECIAL: EMS Innovations Could Reshape Healthcare Jobs [PODCAST]

Posted April 18th, 2016 | Author: John G. Self



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WASHINGTON — As the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians annual Capital Summit prepares to kickoff on Tuesday, John is in the nation’s capital to speak to this organization.

The focus of his presentation will be the impact of healthcare reform on EMS. MEDSTAR 1Mobile HealthcareSpecifically, John will examine how some exciting new programs developed by traditional “ambulance providers” to take advantage of incentives created in the affordable care act could lead to the blurring of the lines between this new “mobile healthcare” industry and traditional brick and mortar providers.

There are some exciting things occurring in this field, so listen in, and then join the conversation with your thoughts and comments by posting to our comments section.

John’s regular blog post will return on Wednesday.

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