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10 January, 2014 Posted by Nancy Swain Posted in Career Management, Uncategorized
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Posted January 10th, 2014 | Author: Nancy Swain

Developing Jack’s Value Proposition


First in Series: You Don’t Know Jack… But You Might Relate
Second in Series: You don’t know Jack …A Continuing Story


Nancy Swain

Photo: Holly Kuyper

With the leaky faucet fixed and hundreds of resumes in cyber space, nothing has really changed for Jack.  He’s wondering should he actually get help at this point or is his career “down the drain”, so to speak.

This is what he needs to do:

Jack must take an inventory of all his skills and knowledge.  Simply writing down all the skills he thinks he has throughout his entire career would be a beginning.  Then he needs to write down all his knowledge areas.  That’s for starters.

Let me explain:

Most people simply look for the same job in a new location.  Or, they look for a similar job that may actually be something they did years ago.  Or they try to change industries thinking the business that they have the most knowledge about is not responding due to age, or economic pressures, etc. 

As was said, Jack has never been more qualified than he is today.  He has developed many proven skills.  Jack also has broad based knowledge supported by years in the industry, a proven track record of quantifiable accomplishments, an advanced degree, continued training and professional certifications.  Jack simply doesn’t know how to put them in the market.

If you relate to Jack and have not conducted your own inventory to develop a value proposition and take control of your career search, this is your chance.  If you are currently employed, this is still your chance to take control of your career moving forward.

First things first:

  1. abilities-knowledgeWrite down all your skills.  Everything.  Then ask yourself:  “What quantifiable results or evidence do I have in my career to support that I believe I am good at this?”

    Example:  If you listed sales:  Do you have examples of sales you have increased, or sales teams you have managed, or new business you have developed?  If so, get to the numbers and write those down!  Business is about bottom line results, impacts on revenue, sales, efficiencies, processes, new business, enhanced market presence, being more competitive, new technology, adhering to regulatory demands.  The DRIVERS!

    The list could be pretty long.  So, the next thing you do is decide what skills you can support with measurable evidence and begin to develop “value messages” using those.

    You should not have more than 5 value messages. So, you must decide what are your main messages to take to market?  What are you an expert in?

    This is not an elevator speech.  This is the beginning of developing your value proposition that will be customized for job opportunity.  The first thing you have to do is get familiar with your own “brand”. Then, you can customize it for the listener.  Value is relevant to the listener!!

  2. Write down all your knowledge areas.  Since Jack has been at his former position 13 years, he has significant knowledge of that industry, and perhaps the operations of a company within that industry.  Jack’s degrees, certifications and continued education can also support his knowledge.

Ultimately, Jack needs to craft a value proposition that he understands at a gut level so he can conversationally customize and then relay that in his resume summary, his networking, and interviewing.  A resume alone will not get you the job.

Tune in for the next blog, which will give detailed examples of how Jack’s value proposition will make him more competitive in the market, boost his confidence, and get Jack his next position!  

NEXT IN SERIES: You Don’t Know Jack, A Continuing Story: Jack’s Jacked Up!


ABOUT MS. SWAIN:  Ms. Swain is the Firm’s behavioral and values interview consultant and directs the Firm’s career transition/outplacement practice.  She brings more than 20 years of extensive and diverse experience in counseling, public speaking, education, training, sales, and career transition coaching.  She holds a BS degree in Business and a MA Degree in Guidance and Counseling from Western Kentucky University.  She is the President of Strategic Intelligence, Inc.  FULL BIO


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