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24 January, 2014 Posted by John G. Self Posted in Stories
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Determining Marital Compatibility

Posted January 24th, 2014 | Author: John G. Self

It’s been a very busy week at JohnGSelf Associates with several executive searches running concurrently, so we are sharing an oldie but goodie today. Enjoy!

TV programming has reached a sad, extremely sorry state of affairs.

Following the writer’s strike earlier this decade, my stepdaughter, who was then working for Disney ABC television, warned that we would see a new era in television, whether weWith This Ring... wanted it or not: something called reality television; cheaper-to-produce shows that did not require as many…you guessed it: writers.

Well, the reality has sunk in and because of it I — and a lot of other sane Americans — watch less TV today than ever before. Personally, I think that a TV show, reality or rigged, in which you pit a flock of nubile, well apportioned young women competing for the affections, and marriage, of a supposedly wealthy, highly desirable bachelor, is beyond dumb, or believable.

The really, really dumb part is the determination on the part of the producers to create a romantic test of compatibility by posing the women in a hot tub with Mr. Eligible Wealthy Bachelor of the Year. Drinking expensive champagne. Hell, everyone is compatible sitting in a hot tub at a luxury resort sipping Dom Perignon.

A famous and now retired radio disc jockey, Ron Chapman of Dallas, who was one of the best in the nation, remarked on air that if you want to determine whether a couple is really compatible, have them wallpaper a room together.

Now THAT would conclusively prove compatibility.

photo by: makelessnoise

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  1. Sandra Phillips Sperry says:

    Thank you for this timely post. It is right on target. I recently attended a session facilitated by a bright young woman who had recently written a book on how to make the most of your LinkedIn connection. I was appalled…as were most attendees around me…on the lack of substance being promoted e.g. the use of hot “buzz words” and the removal of “too much experience that makes it sound like a resume”. The emphasis appeared to be on the superficial…which may be acceptable as a “draw” but not once you start to look at substance and content.

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