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21 November, 2011 Posted by John G. Self
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Since 1994, John G. Self has led hundreds of high-profile searches throughout the world, delivering exceptional results for his clients in Hawaii, across the mainland U.S. and Middle East. He has recruited from Canada, The Republic of the Philippines, Australia and South Africa.  In his outplacement practice, John combines his 22 years of conducting candidate interviews with his deep knowledge of career management to help  executive clients transition more effectively.  In his career John has advised hundreds of executives including some of the industry’s top leaders.

He is widely recognized throughout the executive search industry for his keen insights in candidate screening and selection, and for his talent for mastering the needs and organizational culture of his clients. In honor of his vast recruiting successes and for his volunteer mentoring of early careerists and career management coaching, Mr. Self was named 2010 Regent Award winner as the Senior Healthcare Leader of North Texas.

Prior to establishing JohnGSelf + Partners, Mr. Self served as chairman and senior client advisor for the former JohnMarch Partners Inc., a successful and highly renowned executive search firm he founded in 1994.

His distinguished background includes many executive and leadership roles, including serving as special projects manager for East Texas Medical Center Regional Healthcare System in Tyler. In that role, he managed the successful repositioning of the system’s home infusion therapy business, an assignment he began as an outside consultant. During his tenure, top-line revenues and profits increased significantly. He was subsequently promoted to the system leadership team and was appointed executive director of East Texas Emergency Medical Services, the state’s largest private ambulance company. During this time, ETMC EMS was named Private Provider of the Year by the Texas Department of Health and underwent a major restructuring that integrated 12 separate county service agreements into a master regional network.

After coordinating the search for his replacement at EMS – and finding an ideally suited candidate who stayed in the job for 20 years – Mr. Self reorganized ETMC System’s international recruitment company, as well as its nurse and physical therapy recruitment business, successfully recruiting allied health professionals in four countries.

Prior to joining the ETMC System, Mr. Self served as principal with CitiHealth Inc., a consulting firm that provided interim management and marketing resources to community hospitals and affiliated businesses. He was managing director of CitiHealth’s turnaround management advisory services practice, advising rural and community hospitals on successful repositioning strategies.

From 1980 to 1987, Mr. Self served as senior vice president and senior business development officer for Hermann Hospital’s Affiliated Hospital Systems, one of the nation’s largest regional rural and community hospital networks. Prior to rejoining the Hermann System, Mr. Self was the regional development manager for hospital acquisitions for LifeMark Corp.

From 1977 to 1980, Mr. Self served as the national marketing manager for the medical division of Rocky Mountain Helicopters of Provo, Utah, the largest provider of emergency helicopter transport systems in the United States. In this position, Mr. Self directed marketing and business development strategies that resulted in the addition of 12 new contracts to operate hospital-based helicopter systems. He also was involved in identifying and recruiting program directors, pilots, and support personnel for the proposed helicopter systems.

Mr. Self spent his early career as a newspaper crime reporter in Houston, a job that fine-tuned the talents that today make him a sought-after executive search consultant. In his daily quest to give readers a complete and accurate representation of the explosion of crime in this growing city, he honed his interviewing skills and learned the value of persistence in digging for details. By working with everyone from criminals to victims to law enforcement, he grew to become an excellent judge of character – a life skill that serves him well in his current role. Mr. Self is a published author and highly rated speaker, conducting lectures on career management and recruitment issues. He is a member of the American College of Healthcare Executives and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from East Texas State University (Texas A&M Commerce).

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